Refreshing a Brand that refreshes People's Spaces

The Client

Project Scope

Tuvilla offers high-quality carpet fresheners designed to eliminate odors and create a fresh and inviting atmosphere in homes. Catering to customers who prioritize comfort, cleanliness, and a cozy environment, Tuvilla's products are ideal for households with pets, children, or frequent gatherings.

Brand Strategy
→ brand promise
→ customer segment and journey
→ brand awareness strategy

Brand Identity
→ visual: logo, colors, fonts
→ guidelines: brand guidelines

Brand Implementation
→ packaging
→ social media banners
→ business cards

The Problem

The Solution

Despite the need for effective carpet fresheners in households with pets, children, or frequent gatherings Tuvilla faced challenges in establishing brand recognition and attracting new customers in a competitive market.

Tuvilla's branding strategy focuses on conveying a message of freshness, simplicity, and integrity. By emphasizing the brand's mission to provide high-quality products that eliminate musty odors and create a refreshing environment, Tuvilla aims to build trust and credibility among its target audience.

Implementation includes the development of a clean and transparent visual identity, featuring a modified Oligopoly font for the logo, Bebas Neue Regular for headings, and Montserrat Medium for body text. The primary color palette of various shades of blue conveys trust, honesty, and reliability, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and tranquility.

Through its refreshed brand identity and strategic marketing efforts, Tuvilla aims to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and establish itself as a leading provider of cleaning and freshener products. By staying true to its values of integrity, freshness, and simplicity, Tuvilla seeks to create a memorable and trustworthy brand experience that resonates with its target audience, ultimately driving growth and success in the market.

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