Pendo Pets

Embracing Pets with Love

The Client

Project Scope

Pendo Pets is a pet care service founded by Halima Mbogo, a passionate animal enthusiast from Kenya. The brand's name, "Pendo," meaning "love" in Swahili, reflects its ethos of providing loving care for pets. Pendo Pets was born out of Halima's genuine love for animals and her desire to create a safe and nurturing environment where pets are not only cared for but deeply cherished. The brand is dedicated to ensuring every pet's happiness and well-being, embodying a commitment to love and care.

Brand Strategy
→ naming
→ positioning & differentiation

→ customer segment and journey

Brand Identity
→ visual: logo, colors, fonts
→ guidelines: brand guidelines, imagery guidelines

Brand Implementation
→ banners
→ website
→ hoodies, business cards

The Problem

The Solution

Pendo Pets* faced challenges in effectively conveying its message of loving pet care and differentiating itself in the market.

The existing branding did not fully capture the brand's essence, and there was a lack of consistency across touchpoints. Additionally, there was a need to appeal to both pet owners and their furry companions, considering dogs' limited color perception.

The solution for Pendo Pets involved crafting a brand identity that radiates warmth and affection, mirroring the genuine love Halima Mbogo has for animals. Through careful consideration of colors, fonts, and design elements, the brand's essence was captured in every touchpoint, from billboards to business cards. The combination mark, featuring a playful dog paw within the 'O' of Pendo, symbolizes the heart of the services offered—a sanctuary where pets are cared for with love and compassion.

As a result of the branding efforts, Pendo Pets now stands as a beacon of loving pet care services, resonating deeply with pet owners seeking a safe and nurturing environment for their furry companions. The vibrant color palette, featuring Rich Blue and bitter lemon accents, creates an inviting atmosphere that reflects the energetic spirit of pets. The bold and curvy font choice, Sniglet Regular, exudes confidence and playfulness, while the combination mark serves as a bold emblem of the brand's unwavering dedication to providing pets with the love and care they deserve.

Overall, the branding initiative has transformed Pendo Pets into more than just a service—it's a heartfelt commitment to every pet's happiness. The brand's identity now communicates its core values of love, compassion, and dedication, ensuring that pet owners recognize Pendo Pets as a trusted sanctuary where their furry friends will always feel at home.

*this is a conceptual project

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