Creating visibility for masters of mobility

The Client

Project Scope

The Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NaMATA) are mandated to revolutionize the public transport network within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area (NMA), as per Legal Notice No. 18 of 17th February 2017 to. This involves improving the public transport system in Nairobi Metropolitan Area (NMA) through the introduction and implementation of Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS). This project was in partnership with the European Union (EU) and overseen by NTU International.

Brand Strategy

→ Social Media Strategy

Brand Implementation

→ Marketing Items: Video, brochure, flyer, outdoor tear drop banners
→ Merchandise: Branded pens, notebooks, polo shirts, round neck t-shirts, baseball caps, khaki bags, flash disks, umbrellas, reflectors, flag

The Problem

The Solution

NaMATA, spearheading the modernization of Nairobi's transit systems, was confronting a stark visibility issue. Their ambitious plans to declutter Nairobi's streets with the Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS) remained obscure to the very people it aimed to serve. The public's understanding and engagement with NaMATA's objectives were limited, hindering the full potential impact of the initiative.

Compounded by a lack of distinctive marketing materials and an undefined social media presence, NaMATA's narrative struggled to resonate with Nairobi's daily commuters. It was clear that to drive public support and adoption of the MRTS, NaMATA's presence had to be elevated from governmental anonymity to public prominence.

Our mission was to make NaMATA's work visible and meaningful to the people of Nairobi. First, we focused on NaMATA's image. We made sure everything, from videos to brochures, showed NaMATA's commitment to making travel in Nairobi better. Our designs were simple but powerful, using blue, yellow, and white to create feelings of trust, efficiency, and hope. They also adhered to the brand guidelines of the Kenyan Government and the Eu.

Then we looked at what NaMATA gave to people. We put their symbol on everyday things like pens, notebooks, and umbrellas. Each item was a reminder of NaMATA's promise for a brighter transport future. Over half a year, we worked hard to make sure everything was ready on time. When we finished, we saw our work in the hands of very happy people. Now, whenever someone uses a NaMATA pen or wears a NaMATA shirt, they are carrying a part of Nairobi's journey to a smarter, connected city.

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